Spiritsound is a spiritual "sound medicine journey" - a chance to experience the effects of powerful chanting and drumming with ceremonial music facilitator, Jana Runnalls.

Jana uses the voice and the drum as the means through which to experience our connection to the spirit world - an expression of our devotion.

As a form of meditation, we use mantra chanting to 'still the mind' and connect with your authentic self.

In Shamanic drumming you are guided by the drum itself, as if you are riding a wave or a horse...

Magic occurs spontaneously as we allow ourselves to relax and travel on the Spiritsound journey...

Jana works with sacred songs from different spiritual traditions, many original songs & chants in English - powerful ceremonial chants in Native American languages and mantras and songs in the most ancient sacred language of all - Sanskrit.

The healing aspect of this work is on-going - as we release our fears and find the courage to face our karmic patterns, we find 'spiritual liberation'.

In re-creating a sacred space or 'temple' in which to make our ceremonial music, we give ourselves permission to express ourselves from our 'HIgher Selves' - and this is the most beautiful, blissful connection to Great Spirit we can hope to experience...

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this centere is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”
 Black Elk - Ogala Sioux



Jana has been a professional musician for forty years and always loved to share her expertise through teaching. Her spiritual path reflects a life of seeking and study. Along the way she has worked with the Goddess, Wicca, The Medicine Wheel, Buddhism and Sanskrit mantra.  Jana’s musical gifts and teaching ability take people into a creative ceremonial awareness and with drum, voice and prayer, she provides the tools for self-healing. This is her story:


Spiritual Seeker  My life as a ‘spiritual seeker’ began over 35 years ago – I loved playing music outside in the landscape, in beautiful places, feeling inspired and guided by the life force of the natural world.  Sometimes it would be in valleys and places with powerful acoustics, other times it would be while visiting ancient sacred sites & stone circles such as Avebury in South-West England.  It was Mother Nature who was teaching me to listen to the patterns of life around me as a meditation practice.  I then studied the techniques of Zen meditation and Vipassana meditation, deepening my ability to listen to the voices of the spirit world.
Songs of Freedom  I was involved in the Women’s Liberation Movement at that time, being a busy touring musician travelling around Europe and the USA, singing ‘songs of freedom’ about my life and experiences in a band called ‘OVA’.  This quest for liberation is the motivating energy in my life – in my teaching style, songs, chants and ceremonies - we all need to find our own path to spiritual freedom - sacred music-making creates this direct connection to the Source.

Returning to the Ancient Heart  My spiritual questing then led me to the Shamanic path and the ancient teachings of the Medicine Wheel.  The training with the Deer Tribe Sweet Medicine Lodge was a turning point in my life – it took me on a challenging warrior path of personal and group ceremonies, which opened up my heart, mind and soul.  The Medicine Wheel is like returning to the ‘Ancient Heart’, the core of all our human understanding. It is from these teachings that I have based the 20-count drumming method – I often say it is akin to doing a pipe ceremony – it is a call-in to all the sacred powers of the Universe, a collective experience from which we can access our magical energy and healing powers.

Freedom Journey  My ‘Freedom Journey’ is a colourful, creative one - I seek to release the ‘ties that bind us’ with self-awareness, courage, trust and connection to Spirit. The world of sacred creativity and the art of sound healing are an expression of unconditional love.  Our role as human beings is to allow ourselves to be channels of energy, light and vibration. 


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